(As I sat to prayerfully write something to share with friends in this festive season God told me to use the following message that I had shared with friends, through email, before 7 years).  


King David had many things to say by his psalms. Out of the many things was the expression of his JOY. One would not question that David had enjoyed numerous events of joy. But his greatest event recorded in the bible is the event in which David brought the Ark of God from the house of Obed-edom into the city of David (2Sam. 6). On that special day king he made all majestic preparations, as a king would prepare for the greatest event in his life. Imagine how this great king would have prepared himself: how he dressed, how he paced, how he uttered his words,…..


As a king one would expect him to watch all the ceremonies proudly, from his podium. But it was not like that. He was the most active jubilant. Had David lived in this time and did the same thing as he did then, all the media in this world would have made their headlines of him saying, “Israeli king uncovers himself,” “King David turns psychotic,” “Israel’s euphoric king uncovers,” etc. It was a very uncommon to see a king the way David was seen. Michal, his wife, said what todays psychiatrists would have said. As a queen she was even unable to join the multitudes. She was ashamed for the king’s unusual character. But David’s state was on the other extreme. That day was the greatest day of joy in David’s life. He undermined all shyness and turned euphoric.


But what was the main reason for such euphoria of David? The Ark of God had moved with Israel from place to place. But now an idea came to David – to bring the Arc of God to the city of David and HAVE GOD WITH HIM. When he saw himself successful, his joy overflowed and even never cared for his kingly coverings. To have GOD WITH YOU is a special experience that would never let one with his covers, and so was David.


Dear friends, “What is the greatest reason for our great joy?” In this festive season I want to remind you of one thing. Do you remember the word Emmanuel? It means “GOD WITH US”. This is Jesus’ name (Matt. 1:23). Jesus is God with us. David was joyful because of having God with him in his city. When God became Emmanuel it was said to the shepherds, “…. I bring you GREAT NEWS of GREAT JOY which shall be to all the people.” (Luke 2: 10). Having Emmanuel brings great joy to all the people. The birth of Jesus ‘made God with us’ and like David to have Emmanuel is the greatest reason for the greatest joy that we can have. But one may not be experiencing great joy. He or she needs a reason to have great joy. Reason comes before joy because joy is a result. Now the reason is manifest. We have God with us. This brings great joy. Friends, to have great joy for the greatest reason is to have best thing in life. The one who has joy is healthy physically, mentally, and socially as well as spiritually. David had an event of joy. But in the New Covenant to have joy because of Emmanuel is forever.


Now I want to remind you (in this Christmas and New Year event) that we need to maintain our greatest joy because of having God with us. We have Emmanuel. Joy! – Joy! – Joy! Always Joy!


Questions for you:

1- Do you maintain great joy because of the greatest reason?

2- Do you help others to have great joy for the greatest reason?


I invite you to maintain your great joy and call others to know the greatest reason and enjoy a great joy.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

About Beyond Rivers

I am, Adhanom Hidug. I named my blog 'Beyond Rivers' because I have gone beyond rivers. As God's co-worker who have gone Beyond Rivers, it is my desire to glorify God Among Nations.
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  1. Tesfom says:

    God bless you, Dr, Adhin hawey for the great message you delivered to us. Really a greatest reason for a great joy.

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