This is a page for posts in Blin language. The Blin (aka Bilen) people are one of the tribes of Eritrea. They speak the Blin language. Even though no current statistics is not available, the tribe is believed to have a population of about 120,000 people, inside and outside of Eritrea. Most of the people live in villages and small towns.

Blina Dobatat Shugwew

For list of Blin villages click Blin villages_Adhanom.

The Blin, until early 19th century, were followers of Oriental Orthodox Christianity. But after that the Orthodox Christianity lost its influence and most of the people shifted to Islam and Catholicism. Currently slight majority of the population is believed to be followers of Islam, while the rest are mainly Catholics. Less than 0.5% belong to either Orthodox or protestant churches. They are considered least reached with the gospel.


ሕሹማን ብሊና ጋብድ ነበብድትኖኽር ሸኑርትኖኽር ገረስደናኽር ናውክ፥ ይና አደራ ጃርልድ ደባንዲ ራሕመትዲ በጀኽንተት። ጃር ሒልድ፥ ቆል ጃርዅ ብሊና ጋብድ ነበብስሮኽር ሸኑርስሮኽር መታን ገድ ጃርዅሊ እምኖ ብርፍ የኵን እንኵዅን። ይሻንሲ ነፍዕራ ዮ ክማነስክ ናትክ ነት ስኵስየልሎምኻ ሳደኵን። ጃብራ ያ!


Xéshshuman bélina gabéd nebebdéténokhér shenurténokhér geresdenakhér nawék, yéna jarléd debandi raxmetdi bejjekhéntet. Jar xiléd, qol jarkhw bélina gabéd nebebsérokhér shenursérokhér metan ged jarkhwéli émno bérf yekwn énkwékhwén. Yéshansi nefcéra yo kémanes naték net sékwséyellomkha sadekwn. Jabra ya!


ሃሌ ሉያ ይያ –

4 Responses to Blin

  1. Medhanit.Abrehe.Tesfu. says:

    Dear Adhanom hawey this is me Medhanit I lost you be fore but thank goodness I have found you again!

  2. Ftsum Kflom says:

    Our Lord is great and mercy full.
    Thanks so much brother Adhanom God Him self He will give you reward. So go on by greac of God.
    Abshrka yidan Adhanom enti teleyrakhu KRSTOS SMASELANI.

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